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If you own a property that you plan on renting out, there are some things you may want to do before your new tenants move in. You want your tenants to move into a home that you would live in yourself. The best thing you can do is to clean the house first to reveal any problems that may be lurking. Here is a list of some other things you will want to check before handing over the keys to your rental home.

•  Fix any problems that arose during the building inspection
•  Check the roof for any leaks
•  Clean the gutters
•  Mow the lawn
•  Check the driveway for any cracks and fix them
•  If the house is in need of new paint or wallpaper, go for it. It will make the home look even more appealing.
•  Even if the air filters in your ventilation system are fairly new, replace them with brand new ones before the new tenants move in.
•  If you are renting the property as a furnished home, make sure the furnishings are up to par. Replace anything that is worn out or could pose a safety hazard.
•  Check that all smoke alarms are in working order
•  Replace any blinds or shades that are broken or torn
•  Replace broken or dead light bulbs
•  Be sure all electric outlets work
•  Check for vermin or insects and eradicate them if found
•  Inspect all the carpets and floors
•  Check with the post office to make sure any of your mail or mail intended for previous tenants is no longer sent to the house

Last but certainly not least, be sure your tenant agreement is sound and make sure you rental property insurance is up to date. You will want to be covered for anything that could possibly go wrong while tenants are living in your rental. Give us a call today to learn more about your rental property insurance options.