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Cellphones, especially with today’s technology and apps, are constantly causing temptation.  They are constantly in the hands of teenagers throughout the day.  Although cellphones and their infinite number of apps have made our lives more convenient, they also put us in danger at times.  The danger is texting while driving.  How can we prevent our teenagers from texting while driving?

Tell your teens to avoid the temptation by turning off the cellphone while driving.  The texts will be there when they arrive at their destination. If they need to call or text, tell them to pull off the road safely and stop.

Another way to avoid the temptation, is putting your phone somewhere you can’t reach it, like the trunk or the backseat.

Another way to ensure your teen’s safety is to review their cellphone bill.  This will indicate the times they are texting and allow you to verify whether or not they are texting while driving.

Make sure to establish family rules regarding driving and texting.  Just be sure to enforce them.

Most importantly, set a good example for your children.  Parents have a huge influence on their children.  Setting rules and giving them the facts can only do so much.  Setting a good example and following your own rules is even more powerful.  They think what you do is the acceptable thing.