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a wedding insured with a rhode island wedding insurance policy

Today, the average wedding costs over $30,000. While it may not be very romantic to worry about what could go wrong, it is very practical to protect yourself from risk beforehand.

Should something terrible happen on your special day, it can be very costly. A wedding insurance policy minimizes risk and ensures you create happy memories, instead of scrambling to find the money to fix problems. Here are just a few of the ways a Rhode Island wedding insurance policy can protect you.

Postponements or Forced Cancellations

Even a well-planned wedding can suddenly turn into a disaster if you’re not prepared. Some people do have to cancel or postpone their wedding plans. A severe storm may make it impossible for anyone to get to the venue. The bride or groom could fall ill and need hospitalization.

Wedding insurance can cover most losses when an event causes you to postpone or cancel your wedding.

Last Minute Replacements

You cannot see the future, but you can take proper measures to protect your wedding. What if your venue floods a few weeks before your wedding and you have to pay hundreds of dollars more for another location?

What if your band cancels a week before your wedding? Do you have the money to pay for another band, even if it’s hundreds more than you planned? Wedding insurance reimburses you for these costs so you don’t have another costly bill to add to your wedding costs.

Non-Refundable Deposits

It’s almost impossible to plan a wedding without paying deposits. No one will hold a venue for you unless you pay money upfront and most musicians and caterers require a deposit, too.

Even when you research a company or individual and they seem reputable, there’s no guarantee things will go as planned. Your caterer may go out of business and take your deposit with them. Your band may not be as reliable as you thought and now you can’t find them.

Wedding insurance reimburses you for these non-refundable deposits and the money you have to pay to hire someone else.

Damages & Accidents

Let’s face it – most weddings include alcohol. Even your otherwise conservative friends might decide to have a few drinks to celebrate your union. Unfortunately, if a guest drinks too much and hurts someone or destroys property, it’s your problem.

If your guest falls and breaks their arm, you’re the host and you’re responsible for their medical costs unless you have insurance. If a guest damages property in the wedding venue you’re also responsible, even though the guest caused the damage. You need special event liability coverage to protect you.

You’re responsible for your guests and your venues insurance may not provide ample coverage. Wedding insurance can include liquor liability, standard liability, and property damage coverage to protect you if something unfortunate occurs.

Lost or Damaged Clothing

Many people travel to their wedding location, but what happens if your luggage doesn’t arrive at your destination? Without wedding insurance, you’ll pay plenty to replace your wedding dress or his tux so you can still have your wedding.

Wedding insurance can reimburse you for a replacement tux or wedding dress. You’ll probably still panic, but you won’t have to pay a huge bill that reminds you of the unfortunate event.

Jewelry & Gifts

Most people don’t think about what they’d do if their wedding rings disappeared. Engagement and wedding rings are sizable investments. Whether the best man loses the bride’s ring, or someone steals your rings, they’re not cheap to replace.

Sometimes families give the bride a piece of valuable jewelry as a gift, too. With proper coverage, you’re protected from damage, theft, and loss.

Gifts may also suddenly “disappear,” however a good wedding insurance policy can protect you from loss provided you file a claim according to the policy restrictions and file a police report.

Weddings are an investment in your future. Most couples can’t afford unnecessary expenses on top of the wedding costs.

With proper coverage, you can recoup loss for things such as the invitations, catering, your cake, the florist, wedding attire and any non-refundable deposits. You’ll need to pay your deductible, but the Rhode Island wedding insurance policy pays for all other covered losses.

In Rhode Island, wedding insurance comes with a very reasonable price tag. Considering it covers the potential loss of thousands of dollars, it’s a worthwhile investment. Discuss your wedding plans with your insurance agent. They’ll review your coverage and ensure you’re fully protected so you can just enjoy the moment.

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