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a home that needs to be kept safe while the owners are on vacationSummer’s here and that usually means time away from your home. Before you head out for your vacation, ensure your house is well-protected.

Follow these simple tips and have a worry-free trip.

Invest in a Home Monitoring System

The cost of a monitored home security system has dropped significantly in recent years. Competition from smart monitoring devices has made companies rethink their pricing.

Ultimately, a monitored home security system is the best protection you can provide. The police are notified immediately and your alarm company will provide you with decals you can post on your doors and windows.

Don’t forget to notify the alarm company about your vacation and provide them with a contact number.

Attend to Home Maintenance

Hire a gardener or pay a friend or neighbor to cut the grass. Don’t forget about pool maintenance and your mail and newspapers either.

Consider leaving a key with a trusted neighbor or friend too. They can do an occasional walk-through, water the plants, take in the mail, and let the handyman in if your home needs repairs. Never leave a key outside your home – ever!

Exit Quietly

Most people get excited when it’s time for a holiday. However, that doesn’t mean you should advertise it on social media.

Post pictures when you return, not while you’re vacationing. Check your security settings to ensure your home address and telephone number aren’t there for anyone to see.

Install Motion Detecting Lights

They’re inexpensive, easy to install, and a great deterrent. Install them above doorways and dark areas to scare off would-be criminals.

Also set a T.V. or radio on a timer. Vandals and burglars would rather strike an easy target rather than one where people could be home.

Disconnect Garage Door

That little remote sure is handy, but it also susceptible to hacks. Universal remotes can often open your garage door, so why risk it? Disengage it and engage the manual lock instead.

Protect Electronics

Summer weather often includes storms, so ensure all your electronics are plugged safely into surge protectors. Don’t leave valuable equipment in full-view of open windows either.

Check Batteries

Check the batteries in your smoke detectors, CO2 monitor, sump pump, programmable thermostat, and other devices. They won’t do you much good if the battery’s dead.

Shut Off Main Water Valve

Water damage is very expensive to repair and it can lead to mold and mildew issues. Locate the main water valve in your house and close it before you leave.

Do a Walk-Through

Once you’re packed and ready to leave, do a walk-through. Check all the items mentioned above as well as windows and doors. Almost 30% of burglars enter a home through an unlocked door or window, so it never hurts to check again.

Last, but certainly not least, check your Rhode Island home insurance coverage before you leave. If you haven’t done an insurance review in some time, take a few minutes and talk to an independent insurance agency like ours. We’ll realign your coverage to your needs so you know you’re well-protected.

Would you like us to review your insurance?

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