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Without having an expert in your corner, buying insurance coverage can be confusing. Many people buy policies based on cost alone, and then find themselves in a bind when they need to file a claim. Fortunately, your Rhode Island independent insurance agent can assist you and there are many reasons you should seek their advice. Here are 4 reasons to love your independent insurance agent.

They Access Multiple Insurers

Your independent agent represents many insurers so they can find what suits you best. They know what each company offers, their coverage options, and their pricing strategy. You complete one application, and your insurance agent does the legwork to get you the best combination of coverage and price that meets your needs and budget. In fact, they often surpass what do-it-yourself shoppers find, because they have industry expertise. They pinpoint which company offers the best options, coverage, and service for your particular needs.

They Work For You

Many insurance companies are only interested in selling you a policy. If you need to speak to someone for clarification, to file a claim, or to resolve a problem they may not be as available as they were when they took your money.

On the other hand, your local, independent agent lives in your area and you can speak to them person-to-person. They depend on referrals and their reputation and they care about customer service and your needs. They are valuable members of the community you live in and they understand what your needs are. Loiselle Insurance Agency even has an ALWAYS Guarantee: Always a live person to answer the phone; Always an owner available to you; Always an advocate when you need one.

They Stick With You

Your local, independent insurance agent can work with you as your life changes – from renting your first apartment, to starting a family, through buying your first home, and all the way through retirement. They can help you protect your children as they start to drive and ensure that you have sufficient coverage for your home or business. They can also find the best rates by bundling your insurance policies together and, because they get to know you, they can also ensure you receive the discounts you deserve. Your loyalty counts when you deal with an independent agent.

They’re Licensed Professionals

Your local insurance agent is a career professional who understands the industry and they’ll work with you to demystify the ins and outs of insurance coverage.

Insurance policies are riddled with complex terminology, limits, and restrictions. Your agent can clarify matters so you receive the most appropriate home, auto, and business insurance possible, at the most affordable price.

Why leave something as important as protecting your livelihood to a stranger? A local insurance agency like Loiselle Insurance will take the time to get to know you, your family, and your business.

Proper insurance coverage is about more than just the lowest price – it’s about finding the best balance between price and coverage while offering reliable advice, friendly service, and affordability. That’s what we do here at Loiselle Insurance, your local Pawtucket, RI insurance agency.

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