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It’s understandable that you would have forgotten there is a holiday between Halloween and Christmas (what, with the stores already informing you of your late-shopper status and the radio stations playing carols, it was bound to happen). However, since here at Loiselle we have all agreed to acknowledge each holiday in their proper order—regardless of how many times our co-workers bust out in tune singing ‘The First Noel’ (…)—below is a list of recipes you could try this Thanksgiving. Some are a little modern, and others appeal to the tastes of tradition. Whatever you decide to try, we hope you dare to experiment. Enjoy!


Wild Mushroom Crostini

loiselle food 1

Toasted bread topped with ricotta, a variety of mushrooms, garlic, and herbs.

Source: Food&Wine

Sugar-and-Spice Skillet-Roasted Duck Breasts

loiselle food 3

For those with a love for duck, the dish takes on traditional fall tastes of cinnamon, sugar, and star anise. It’s all sugar and spice (and everything nice)!

Source: Food&Wine

Maple Meringue Filled Doughnuts

loiselle food 2

These small, yeasted doughnuts filled with maple meringue are sure to appeal to your sweet tooth!

Source: Food52

Turkey with Brown-Sugar Glaze

loiselle food 4

What’s Thanksgiving without a turkey?! Consider deviating from your traditional recipe and try this one out. It’s sweet, savory, and filling!

Source: Martha Stewart

Classic Pumpkin Pie

loiselle pumpkin pie

Pumpkin pie with homemade whipped cream? Yes please! (It’s simpler to make that you think.)

Source: Martha Stewart

In the end of it all—when your feet have swollen up to the size of footballs because you have been cooking since 4:30am to the very moment your guests arrive—being surrounded by friends and family (with bountiful amounts of food) is all that matters. From everyone at Loiselle Insurance Agency to you, Happy (early and not forgotten) Thanksgiving!