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Renewable energy is an industry in which research and development are expanding to accommodate America’s need for clean, accessible and affordable power sources. Clean energy and technology firms are growing, and business insurance RI companies are working to understand this industry and provide appropriate financial protections for their products and services.

Renewable energy business operations may run through all phases of product development, beginning with the research phase, on through manufacturing, installation, and operations. Some areas where an insurance carrier may offer insurance coverage include exposures faced in every phase of wind and solar power development and risks associated with operations and maintenance of power generators.

As an owner of a renewable energy business you should speak to a local insurance agent about insurance coverage. A business insurance RI agent should be able to source policies specific to renewable energy businesses. In addition it’s essential to have workplace safety programs in place with regard to machinery use, industrial hygiene, on-site safety, fall prevention, and rescue and response. RI insurance companies are working to meet the current and future coverage needs of Rhode Island’s growing wind and solar businesses. Contact one of our agents for more information.