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Being only 48 miles in length and 37 miles wide, Rhode Island is the smallest State in the country with some major challenges on the roadways. This makes it vitally important to have adequate RI auto insurance in place when using the local roads.
With one of the highest per capita populations in America, Rhode Island can be a challenging place to drive. However, the Rhode Island State police are highly regarded not just for their uniquely stylish uniforms, but also for their ability to maintain order on the roadways.

The main highway in Rhode Island is Interstate 95 which runs roughly through Rhode Island from north to south. As most Rhode Islanders will probably know, when going to and from the beaches, it’s important to watch the speed limit changes which are lower as you get closer to the water. In recent times there has been a concerted effort to reduce the rate of speeding on the roads in the State.

The Rhode Island State police are not just good at ticketing speeders; they are also considered to be among the best dressed State police in the nation with a Canadian Mounted Police styled uniform designed by Pierre Cardin. However it is the work they do that has helped with traffic problems in the State.

Improving safety on the roads and reducing the rate of accident may also assist in keeping RI auto insurance down to a reasonable level. To find a policy to suit your needs, contact our team of agents.