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a 'happy new year' signNew Year’s Eve is a time to celebrate, but that doesn’t mean you should throw caution to the wind. Follow these helpful tips to end this year and start the new one on the right foot.

Drink Responsibly

New Year’s may include parties and alcohol, so pre-plan transportation if you plan to imbibe. Public transportation, a taxi, a designated driver, or a room for the night is a great choice, but don’t drive.

Use caution if you’re planning on walking between venues, too. Inebriated walkers can be just as dangerous as drunken drivers if they cross roads without looking or stagger into the path of an oncoming car.

If you’re going to drink, fireworks and firearms aren’t an option. Both require a clear mind to operate safely and using either could lead to injury, death, or tangles with the law.

Travel Together

If you’re considering flying solo, join others instead. Groups offer more safety as they can monitor each other’s behavior and better keep an eye on the surroundings to spot potential dangers.

Only carry necessary valuables such as your wallet and phone and store them safely in a front pocket to avoid pickpockets in crowded venues.

Extra Caution Behind the Wheel

If you aren’t going to drink and want to drive, New Year’s Eve presents additional hazards. It’s dark, sometimes rainy or snowy, and there are plenty of people out and about.

As mentioned, drunken pedestrians can be unpredictable and may not respect the rule of law. Slow down. Watch for drivers exhibiting erratic behaviors too as New Year’s Eve is one of the top nights for alcohol-related accidents and fatalities.

Stay on your toes on New Year’s Day too. The previous night’s partygoers may still have a significant amount of alcohol in their blood and may choose to drive.

Care for Guests

It is illegal to serve alcohol to minors (even if they’re your children and even if it’s “just a sip”) and punishable under Social Hosting Laws.

You’ll want to ensure the safety of adult guests, too. Serve food and plenty of non-alcoholic beverages. An hour before the end of your event, close the bar and put out snacks.

Don’t let those who’ve been drinking drive. Stay sober and provide them with a lift home, arrange a driver or a taxi service, or offer them a bed for the night. Better yet, try an alcohol-free celebration. Everyone will feel better for it in the morning.

Care for Your Kids

Parent should set a reasonable curfew for their kids on New Year’s Eve. Urge them to stay in one location, instead of party hopping to reduce risk.

If they’re planning on driving, highlight the potential dangers and encourage them to make alternate plans. Splitting a taxi or an Uber makes transportation affordable and it will provide you with peace of mind too.

Review Insurance

Knowing you’re well-protected is a great way to start a New Year. If you haven’t done an insurance review recently, take a few minutes and give us a call.

We’ll review your current policies and tweak your coverage to close insurance gaps and find the best possible rates so you start off the year on the right foot.

Have a safe and Happy New Year!


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