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2019 in lightsA new year will soon be upon us and you’ll want to welcome it in safely. Here are some helpful tips to ensure everyone has fun while minimizing their risks.

Plan Your Ride

New Year’s Eve festivities abound, but you can’t always depend on a taxi on this very busy night. You may need to hop on a bus, carpool with a friend, Uber, or rely on a designated driver to get you home safely.

If you’re considering driving and then leaving your car, you might want to reconsider. New Year’s Eve is the second most active day for car thieves and they scout for abandoned vehicles around areas hosting festivities.

Don’t Drink & Drive

Whatever you do, don’t drink and drive. It’s dangerous enough driving on New Year’s Eve, never mind driving impaired. You could get into an accident and cause serious injuries, damage, or death. It’s not worth the risk and it will devastate your driving record, insurance premiums, and your life.

Eat Before You Go

Drinking is often a part of New Year’s Eve festivities, so eat a decent meal before you head out the door. Food can help to absorb alcohol, provides the energy you need, and stops you from eating junk food late at night.

Drink plenty of water throughout the evening to stay hydrated and don’t ever leave your drink unattended when you’re out enjoying the evening.

Travel In A Group

If you plan to party hop on New Year’s Eve, travel with a group. Enjoy safety in numbers, have more fun, and share expenses.

Practice Fireworks Safety

If you’re planning on setting off fireworks, designate a sober adult to handle them and read the instructions. Set them off in a clear, open space and store the unlit fireworks away from the ignition area. Make sure that you follow all local laws, too.

Make Arrangements for Guests

When you host a party you have a responsibility for your guests’ safety. If you see a guest’s inebriated, don’t allow them to drive. You can be liable to a third-party if one of your guests leaves your event and injures someone. This includes anyone of any age impaired by alcohol during an event under your control.

You could hire a driver for the night or stay sober and drive your guests home if they can’t do so themselves. Alternatively, you can offer them a place to stay for the night or book a nearby hotel room for them so no one needs to worry.

Consider Your Liability Insurance

Your Rhode Island homeowner’s insurance policy may offer some protection if someone’s injured during or after an event you hosted, but your limit could be as low as $100,000. That’s woefully insufficient if someone decides to sue you. Review your coverage with your agent before you host a party.

Use a Venue

If you want to host an event, consider renting a venue with a bartender. They’re trained to serve responsibly and the venue carries liability insurance. This shifts the risk to the venue and away from you so you can spend more time enjoying the evening, instead of worrying about alcohol service.

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