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            Here at Loiselle Insurance, we love our co-workers and we love hearing about all of their adventures that they have with their families, especially the ones that take place in the great state of Rhode Island. On October 13, Ronald Law went to see the movie Argo with his family. The film, which was directed by Ben Affleck, is based on the declassified real life event of the 1979 Iranian crisis where over sixty Americans were taken host6age from the United States embassy in Iran.

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            In the movie, six were able to escape to the Canadian Consulate. Upon doing this, they were able to contact the United States government who concocted a plan to get them out. Tony Mendez [Ben Affleck] flies into Tehran and he and the six escapees fly out together as a Canadian film crew that were there to film a science fiction movie. The plan was so crazy, that it was near genius. Argo lasted for a good two hours, but Ron claimed that the movie was “Too quick…it was just that good.” He described it as being the “Turmoil action, not the blow-up action.” There was some fighting and struggling, but it was more of an intellect oriented film.

            As of the middle of last week, Argo was second place on the charts, as of the beginning of this week, it is chart topping at number one! Overall, Ron said he would recommend the film to anybody. Well, I know what I’m doing this weekend!