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Are you hoping to expand your business someday? Whether physically or internally, you need to figure out a solid strategy to do so. By finding the right partners for the project, you can see successful results. However, if an accident occurs onsite, to avoid financial devastation, you need reliable coverage.

According to The Providence Journal, a project to build six ground-floor shopfronts into the Biltmore Garage is being requested by Cornish Associates. The development firm owner said this will include shops, signs, and a canopy along the Washington Street length of the garage. The latest plan would restore commercial space to the garage, which once was home to Winkler’s Steak House and a doughnut shop.

At Loiselle Insurance Agency, we hope that before you start any large project, you think about what the results would be, whether good or bad. What if on site, an accident occurs. Will you be financially covered? It is important to safeguard your company from the unpredictable, which is why you need the best business insurance RI has around!

You are an expert at running your business, which is your passion. This is why we know you would do anything to protect it. With our insurance solution, you can have the ability to create a customizable package that meets all of your requirements. Whether you are interested in our commercial property coverage, workers compensation, general liability, or more, we have these options available. So rather than allow risk to destroy everything you have worked so hard for, have the security you deserve with our business insurance in RI!