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Despite everything that is going on this year, we can still enjoy the beach if we take the proper precautions. Follow these guidelines, stay safe, and enjoy.

Check Beach Before You Go

Sometimes Rhode Island authorities close beaches to swimmers for various reasons such as issues with water quality. Check the Department of Health’s beach viewer map for current closures to avoid disappointment.

You will definitely want to consider how busy the beach might be. If you think a particular beach will be packed with bodies, opt for a low key choice instead.

COVID-19 Precautions

For many people, the beach is a great place to get away and unwind. However, no one can let their guard down now or it could have serious consequences.

If you’re not feeling well, or if you’ve been diagnosed, exposed, or tested for COVID-19 and don’t have your results yet, stay home even if you feel perfectly fine. The disease has a two-week incubation period and even then some people do not manifest extreme symptoms. Nonetheless, you could pass the virus onto someone and they could become extremely ill or die. COVID-19 spreads easily and quickly.

Practice social distancing in and out of the water to keep everyone safe. Wear a mask in public places when social distancing is a challenge. The last thing anyone wants is to end up in total lockdown. Pack extra face masks, hand sanitizer, and disinfectant wipes for your outing.

If you’re heading to the beach with people from other households, don’t share a vehicle, or food, toys, or supplies. Maintain at least six feet between others at all times.

Don’t Forget Sun Safety

With so much going on you might forget about the basic things you should always do when you head to the beach. Apply SPF30 or higher sunscreen before enjoying the sun and reapply after swimming.

The sun is hottest between 10am and 3pm, so make it an early or later visit. Bring an umbrella, and wear sunglasses and a hat. Once you’ve had your time in the sun, cover exposed skin.

Beach Safety Practices

Never leave children unattended and ensure they use flotation devices. Choose food that does not require refrigeration as high temperatures can lead to food spoilage and illness.

If you do bring perishables, store them in an insulated cooler with plenty of ice packs. Situate the cooler in the shade or bury it in the sand to keep the temperature below 40° F. Any perishable food that reaches a higher temperature should be discarded.

Despite the additional precautions needed, you can still grab the family and have a great time at the beach. Our beaches still have plenty to offer, so get out, explore, and stay safe!

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