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Many people enjoy creating Jack O’ Lanterns during the fall months. However, pumpkin carving is an activity that can result in a trip to the emergency room if the proper precautions are not taken. Below are some tips that will help you safely carve your pumpkin:

Select The Right Knife
A chef’s knife is not appropriate to use for carving a pumpkin. A small knife that has a serrated blade is your best choice for pumpkin carving. You can find this type of knife in a pumpkin carving kit. This type of knife is not as sharp as a kitchen knife. Keep in mind that a sharper knife is not necessarily better to use. It will also be easier for you to carve the pumpkin if the knife has a serrated edge.halloween-food-and-decoration-ideas2

Your Workstation
You will need to set up your workstation before you attempt to carve the pumpkin. Make sure that the surface you will be working on is dry. You should also place a jar or tray on the table so that you can store your tools.

Keep Your Children Safe
Small children are more likely to get injured while carving a pumpkin. That is why they should not be allowed to carve the pumpkin. If young children want to help, then they can use glitter, glue sticks, magic markers and other materials that are child-friendly. Make sure that you supervise older children at all times if you allow them to carve the pumpkin. Encourage them to take their time and go slowly when they are carving the pumpkin.

Use Gentle Force
You will need to use gentle force while you are carving the pumpkin. If you apply a lot of force, then you will be more likely to get injured if the blade happened to slip out of your hand.

Make sure to send us a picture of your carved masterpiece! Enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚


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