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Safety has to be the top priority for everyone whenever you are on a boat. You should never just fill a 4939044794_d40c6b9af5_oboat with people and then set out on the water. This can put everyone at risk. You should be aware of several safety tips for boats.

Be Vigilant the Entire Time

The first tip is to be vigilant the entire time you are on the water. You do not want to stop watching the water and checking on the boat even for a few minutes. You need to be aware of what is happening all around you. This can be difficult if you have friends or family on the boat insisting that you do something else. If you stop watching the water, then you could collide with another vessel or something in the water.

4926316975_b404870ac3_oDo Not Bring Alcohol on the Boat

Some people like to go out on a boat and drink in the middle of a lake or river. You should never do this. Boats and alcohol do not mix. If you are intoxicated even a small amount, then your judgment is going to be off. You could take unusual risks or make mistakes that put everyone on the boat in jeopardy. The best policy is to leave alcohol back on the shore.

Inform Everyone about the Propeller

The propeller on the boat can do a serious amount of damage if someone swims too close or dives over imagesthe edge near the engine. You want to inform everyone about the location and dangers of the propeller. Insist that everyone swim on the opposite side of the boat to prevent injuries.

Request a Boat Inspection

A final tip is to request a formal boat inspection. The United States Coast Guard provides free inspections. Professionals with exceptional training will look over your boat to see whether it is safe. An inspection can show you potential problem areas that you can fix. This is a good way to ensure you are safe on the boat.

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