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If you plan to use fireworks at home for the Fourth of July, or another hol8330256347_b5e6d11418_oiday, there are some tips to keep in mind so that no one is hurt.

It’s a good idea to keep a large bucket of water close to where you are lighting the fireworks. You can also keep a water hose nearby in case one of the fireworks doesn’t go out all the way or if one catches on fire. Wet the ground around the area where you are lighting the fireworks. This can help with the sparks as they can land on the wet ground instead of on dry grass or leaves.

Don’t let children light fireworks. Children should also avoid holding sparklers, unless they are older. It’s best if an adult helps the child hold a sparkler. Make sure children are far enough away from the area, but you should also keep them at a distance where they can see the fireworks.3123548266_57949eec1c_o

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Some fireworks have special instructions because they might spin on the ground or emit large fountains of sparks. It’s important to follow the instructions so that no one is injured. Some fireworks might be older and not have a label on them. If there is not a label, then don’t use the product. There could be a defect with the wick, or the firework could malfunction if it can be lit.

Safety Apparel
Fireworks that you light at home might not be as bright as those that you see in a large show, but they can still be harsh on the eyes. One way to keep the effect down is by wearing some glasses that will block out the bright light. This is an idea usually for the person who is lighting the fireworks to follow as this person is often close to the sparks that are emitted.

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