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It seems like summer just started and yet all the stores are selling Back to School clothes and supplies already.  Children are starting to talk about whom they hope to have as teachers and who will be in their class.  In fact, there have been some sightings of pumpkin spice lattes already!  Even though it still feels like summer for the most part, now is a good time to start brushing up on our school safety before it starts.

One of the biggest changes that happen in our communities when school is in session is the inclusion of buses on the roads.  Everyone who commutes at the same time as school kids knows that driving behind a school bus on its route can be just about excruciating.  Stop, go.  Stop, go.  Every few blocks.  It is very hard for regular drivers to get around town when buses are out.

But driving carefully near buses is very important.  The amount of pedestrian traffic near bus stops can be quite high especially if the bus is carrying younger school children whose parents are waiting for them at their bus stop.  And even with the most strict bus driver or bus aide, kids will be kids who sometimes do not remember the rules about crossing safely or waiting for the bus to come to a complete stop before getting up.

It is up to us to be conscientious drivers and be completely aware of our surroundings when on the road- especially when driving near a school bus.  Of course, staying away from school buses altogether is your best bet to a safer and faster commute.  If you are following a school bus one day, remember to avoid that street at that time the next day.  Hopefully you will avoid all the school buses and keep accidents to a very small minimum.