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Christmas time is a time of cheer and glee. It’s a time for family and gives everyone a sense of security. However, a jolly-good time can turn downhill if certain safety precautions aren’t taken. By following these seven tips, you can keep the fun and laughter in Christmas.

1. Be smart with candles.

It is customary to have candles around the house during this time of year, so if you do, give them a one foot radius away from any other objects.

2. Start your generator outside

Having a power outage is the last thing you would want to happen during this time, but if one does occur and you are required to start your generator, do so outside. Starting it inside could give you carbon monoxide poisoning. Santa wants you to be asleep when he comes, but not that asleep…

3. If you have small children or pets, skip the ribbons on presents.

Ribbons are colorful attractions that will easily fascinate babies and pets but they can easily harm them as well.

4. A watered tree is a happy tree!

By drilling four to five holes in the trunk of your tree right where the waterline will be and placing it in water, you can prevent a major fire. See the video of a dry tree versus a high moisture tree on the USFA FEMA website.

5. Perform an alarm check.

Replace the batteries twice a year for your fire and carbon monoxide alarms.

6. Don’t invite burglars with a billboard.

Putting the huge box of a new flat screen or the little box of a gifted iPad right on top of your trash can and will alert burglars as to what is under your tree, instead, dismantle the box and put it deep into one of your trash bags. The world will never know…

7. Be an eco-friendly tree disposer!

Your first instinct will be to toss your tree into the fire. Please don’t. This can not only be dangerous because of their fast burning nature, but they also cause the increase the amount of creosote in your fireplace which is a flammable hazard.


For more information on what you can do to stay safe during the Holiday’s, visit the United States Fire Administration website. Remember, have fun and stay safe!