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a sign representing small business Saturday in RISmall Business Saturday is on November 27th this year. Instead of shopping at big box retail and e-commerce stores, we encourage you to patronize local, brick and mortar businesses.

Buying from a small, local business offers many benefits, especially when it comes to protecting your valuable assets. If you need insurance, consider these points before you buy.

It’s Easier

Shopping online for insurance may seem convenient, but it ignores a few issues. First, companies that sell insurance online promote their own products which may or may not suit your needs.

Second, if a savvy consumer wants to compare products they must find sort through policies, compare them with the competition, complete their applications, and then compare prices. If you need more than one coverage type, you can multiply your time investment. Let’s face it – that’s not convenience.

Alternatively, you can start working with a local insurance agent as easily as picking up the phone. They compare the policies, find the best possible coverage for the most reasonable price, and then offer you recommendations.

More Choices

Insurance agents work for you, not a specific insurance company. As a result, they access far more insurers than you probably would. They are also privy to many insurance products that aren’t available on the internet.

Consequently, you have more choices and can enjoy better coverage, more perks, lower deductibles, and the best possible rates. If you limit your search to the internet, you’re really doing yourself an injustice.

They Understand Insurance

When it comes to insurance, the devil really is in the details. Your local insurance professional understands the language and fine print in all insurance policies, such as exceptions and exclusions that could leave you at risk. They will demystify the insurance policies and explain them to you in plain language.

If you find a policy that seems like a great deal, discuss it with an insurance agent. They’ll check for unnecessary bells and whistles and dangerous insurance gaps. Why wouldn’t you rely on their professional advice?

Personalized Service

Shopping online is a pretty impersonal process. A computer tries to judge what you might need based on your responses. Sometimes you speak with a customer service representative, but they usually don’t live in your area.

Working with a local business is another story. You talk to a real person that knows the neighborhood and local challenges. You can explain your precise situation, budget, and concerns. They match products and service to your needs, rather than trying to pigeon hole your business into whatever they’re selling.

Local Advocate

Most of us have dealt with a big company or an e-commerce business when we’ve had a problem. Sometimes things go well, but many times it is a frustrating experience.

Consider what it might be like if your house burnt down or you were in a serious accident. Would you be in a state of mind to deal with an insurance claim or would you like someone to advocate on your behalf?

Your agent gets to know you, offers unbiased advice, and they are there for you if you need to change your coverage or file a claim.

Stimulates Local Economy

When you choose to buy locally, money stays in the community. Local businesses are personally invested in your neighborhood and may support charities, sports teams, and community efforts too. Choose local and make your neighborhood a better place to live


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