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When our parents get older, it can be a strange transition in roles for everyone involved.  The people who used to be unbreakable in your eyes may show signs that they need help.  It might be hard for your parents to ask for that help because they are used to be being the ones that come to the rescue for you.  But when it comes to your parents’ finances, health matters and insurance information you might be doing them a good service by stepping in to help.

By no means should you walk in and take over.  There is nothing worse than making someone feel incompetent – especially when that someone is your mom or dad.  Broach the subject by asking how everything is going.  Let your parents know that you are available to help in any way they may need.  Offer to go with them to doctor’s appointments.  Ask if they would like you to talk with their insurance agents.

If your parents do not want any help, you must respect their decision even if it hurts.  Let them know that you will still be there if they ever change their minds.  One thing you can insist on is getting contact information for their insurance policies, health care providers, and banks so that you will know who to talk to if something were to come up and your parents were unable to communicate themselves.  Reassure your parents that you will simply hold that information in case of emergency.

It is never fun to think of our parents as getting older.  In a perfect world, we would all be here for our loved ones our entire lives.  But in reality we must be there to help one another in every stage of life.  Our parents were there to raise us up from babies to the adults we are now.  And now is our time to bring the cycle full circle and help our parents in their older stages.