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Rhode Island has a number of well-known independent grocery stores. These stores may require grocery specific business insurance RI to cover food, produce, beverages and other items that are common to grocery stores.

Grocery stores need comprehensive property, liability, crime, and workers’ compensation insurance coverage. Certain risks and exposures are unique to grocery stores, and as a grocery business owner, your insurance agent may be able to help you stay in business by providing economical solutions to insurance needs. Additionally, your agent might be able to offer advice on risk management, loss control and prevention, and product development.

Safety precautions in grocery stores are important to protect both employees and customers. Common injuries causing workers’ compensation claims in grocery store environments include slipping on wet floors, improper lifting of heavy boxes, and mishandling of equipment such as knives, pallet jacks, and ovens. These injuries are mostly preventable if employees receive appropriate training and follow safety procedures. Maintaining a safe and clean environment should help reduce the risk of customer injuries.

Different levels of insurance coverage are needed for different types of grocery stores. Your business insurance RI agent should be able to explain the various choices available in grocery store coverage.