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Now that spring is getting closer by the second, sports registrations are opening up all over the state.  Kids are getting their cleats, soccer balls and baseball bats ready for a new season of fun with their teammates.  While they are excited to play, it’s important to reaffirm the necessity to always follow the rules of the game so that your child and everyone else can stay safe out there on the field.

When you bring your kids to practice or games, always remember to check their equipment.  Make sure there are no cracks or anything that could hinder the effectiveness of the equipment when your child is playing.  A cracked shin guard could be even more dangerous than not wearing it if it is accidentally kicked during a game.  A helmet with a broken chin strap will not properly protect your child’s head.  Make sure there are no problems with any of the equipment before sending your child onto the field.

When it comes to equipment, be sure to include a full water bottle as part of it.  Your child should understand the importance of staying hydrated during practices and games.  Waiting until he is thirsty is not when he should get a drink.  Periodic water breaks are necessary to prevent dehydration -even on cooler, not-so-sunny days.

But the most important lesson you can teach your kids when it comes to sports safety is to have good sportsmanship.  Following the rules and playing as a team is the safest way to play.  If everyone plays fairly, the game will be much more fun for everyone involved.  If a referee makes a bad call or the other team is playing rough, it’s always better to let it go and keep playing the way the game is supposed to be played.