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The spring brings pleasant weather that is perfect for fun road trips, so make sure that your car is ready  road-trip-390849_640[1]to take you on some adventures. A tune-up at this time of the year should include thorough inspections of all of the major systems of your vehicle. Take the car to an auto inspection station or repair shop that has official registration and certification from the state’s department of motor vehicles.

A licensed mechanic tests the battery of a car to make sure that there is enough electrical current available upon ignition. After a long winter season, a battery’s storage capacity may be slightly decreased due to cold temperatures. A simple cleanup of the positive and negative terminals in the battery can extend its life. Additionally, insulated caps or rings could be placed around the exposed terminals in order to prevent any solid deposits from forming.

4955383193_010da26c3e_o[1]During a spring inspection of your car, all of the tires are checked for tread wear and gauge pressure. Most automakers recommend that the pressure be inflated to at least 30 pounds per square inch. Highway safety guidelines dictate that the tread should be more than 4/32 of an inch. A mechanic will inform you if new tires are needed based on tread depth.

An oil change at the beginning of the spring guarantees that your vehicle runs smoothly. The mechanic might use a different grade of motor oil compared to the one utilized in the winter. The viscosity of the oil is selected based on the temperature range in the local area.

Changing some of the fluids under the hood is also a good idea for a spring tune-up. The coolant can be drained and replaced. The windshield washer reservoir should be refilled. The brake and power steering fluids should be topped off but not replaced unless dictated by maintenance guidelines.

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