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a nicely organized tight space

Spring is the traditional season to cast out the old, clean in the corners, and start anew. If just the thought of spring cleaning makes you cringe, here are a few tips to make things a bit easier for you.


When you live in a tight space, you can’t afford to collect too much. Spring is the ideal time to purge your home of unnecessary items so you’re only organizing the essentials.

An annual purge makes cleaning and accessing your items much easier, forces you to replace worn items, and improves esthetics.

Use Open Storage

If clutter is an issue in your small space, choose open shelving and cube storage rather than units with doors. Open storage reduces the space you need for drawers and doors and you’ll be less likely to let it become cluttered since you’ll have to look them constantly.

Mix the materials and sizes of the units, and subdivide the space. You want to add interest and variety; not monotony.

Think Vertical

Limited square footage doesn’t mean you have to lack storage. Think vertical instead.

Vertical bookcases, narrow shelving, and narrow profile basket units preserve square footage, but multiply the space for your “stuff.” Stagger shelves, otherwise you’ll begin to feel like you’re living in a box.

Hide the Ugly Stuff

Open storage doesn’t work well for many items, such as a hair dryer, dirty clothes, or other “less beautiful” items. Fortunately, storage solutions exist for almost anything so your place looks great and you increase your storage.

Under the bed or table storage are common choices as well as utility hooks to tidy up unruly small appliances. Hang a shoe caddy on the back of a door, but use it to store other small items.

Don’t let your tech equipment like a printer eat up your valuable space either. Tuck them away in a drawer or a cabinet instead.

Choose Adaptable Furniture

How can you have a dinner party when you live a small space? Where can you create a home office when you’re already struggling with your space now? The answer’s simple – buy adaptable furniture.

Today, you can buy a very small table with chairs stored beneath. When it’s time to entertain, out comes the chairs and the tabletop expands. Creating a home office is as simple as installing a fold down workspace which lies flat against the wall when you’re not using it.

Murphy beds and transforming furniture are also options when you have a bigger budget. Stackable bookcases, wall units, and dressers allow you to buy and add storage as you need it.

Hang It!

No room for pots and pans in the kitchen? Add a hanging rack for visual appeal and improved organization.

tightDon’t want your bicycle to mark up your floors and still want easy access? There are solutions that might surprise you with additional storage and fabulous aesthetics.

Utilize Forgotten Spaces

Lacking bathroom cabinet space, or don’t have a cabinet at all? Consider an over-the-toilet cabinet. They’re stylish, you can often match them to your bathroom décor, and they offer loads of extra storage space. Throw a matching shower caddy into the mix and you’ll eliminate much of your bathroom clutter.

Install a shelf above a kitchen or bathroom window, a retractable drawer under the sink, or a floating shelf wherever you have wall space.

Even if you live in a small space, it deserves big protection. You may not think you own enough to bother with insurance, or you may have outgrown your current protection. Discuss your needs with an insurance agent or broker. They’ll recommend the right home insurance or renters insurance coverage to meet your budget and protect your small home.

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