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After what seemed like the longest winter ever, it’s finally time for the warmer weather and …wait for it… SPRING BREAK! Whether you will be spending your spring break at home or you have a trip planned, safety is important.  It is always nice to have some time to cut loose and forget the every day grind for a while.  But keeping your wits about you and being aware of your surroundings will help keep you safe while you have fun.

A lot of people enjoy going on vacation during time off from work or school.  Spring break is a great time to travel and enjoy warmer climates and spend time with friends.  Of course not all spring breaks need to be as rowdy as portrayed in many movies and TV shows.  You need to remember that even though it might not be your plan to be rowdy there will be others out there that are enjoying their spring break very raucously.  Keep that in mind when choosing your destination.  For example: Daytona sure is nice.  But if you are looking for a quiet getaway during the spring months you might want to consider another Florida destination that is less well known for its spring break festivities.

You may want to travel abroad for your spring vacation.  That is wonderful.  But remember that you will need a lot more documentation including a passport than you may have previously.  Getting a passport validated can take a few months, so keep that in mind before you book any flights.

Also, talk about it with your insurance agent to see if you might need any additional insurance for your trip.  Usually your belongings will be covered under your homeowner’s or renter’s policy, but you might want to find out exactly how much coverage you have.