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Loiselle Insurance Agency’ star of the month for May is Roberta Bernier. Even though she works in the background as our dedicated bookkeeper, we couldn’t do without her knowledge, thoroughness, and accuracy. She always keeps our business on track as she has for the last 37 years!

Roberta has the honor of displaying the Star of the Month on her desk throughout the month of May and she also received a $50 Visa gift card.

Even though you might not see Roberta, because she “hides in the basement,” we thought you might want to get to know her a little better. Here’s a sneak peek into what makes Roberta tick.

  • Roberta isn’t one for the fast lane. She prefers crafting, reading, camping, and visiting with friends and family.
  • Roberta is very straightforward and authentic. In her words, “What you see is what you get.”
  • Her favorite food is probably fresh scallops, but she was torn when asked to decide on one item.
  • If she won $1 million, she’d buy her family an RV. Then her and her family could travel to all 50 states. However, she might need to leave the RV in the driveway when they head to Hawaii. Otherwise, they will need a large set of paddles.

Even though number crunching doesn’t normally involve interactions with our clients, Roberta’s role is very important.  She provides us with the information we need to make better financial decisions and helps us identify opportunities for growth.

If the money side of our company wasn’t in order, we couldn’t provide you with the stellar service you expect. Hopefully, Roberta will remain at the financial helm for many years to come. She’s an amazing asset to our team and we appreciate her very much!

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