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Loiselle Insurance Agency’s star of the month is Nathan (Nate) Green. He had the honor of displaying the Star of the Month on his desk throughout the month of June. He also received a $50 Visa gift card so he could spoil himself a little. He deserves it!

Nate is here to help individual’s and businesses find insurance solutions and he does it very well. Here’s what one customer had to say:

I have known Nate for a little over a year, and I knew he was a straight shooter from day one.

I recently asked him to look at my insurance policies as I felt I was paying far too much. Turns out I was correct. Nate upped my coverage, tweaked a few things, and saved me $1,300 a year for BETTER coverage. He also explained everything quickly, painlessly, and in a way I fully understood.

I won’t ever use a big insurance company again. Bigger isn’t better. Shop local and call Nate!

Clearly, Nate is good at what he does, but do you really know anything about his personal life? Here are few tidbits that could give you a better idea of who he is and what makes him tick. Be warned – he’s got a very busy life!

  • Nate has a load of pets including a black Labrador retriever, three cats, chickens, and a Bearded Dragon that technically belongs to his son.
  • He loves music and has seen his favorite band “Phish” 30 times!
  • Nate plays the drums and piano and was a drum major in high school.
  • He spends plenty of time outdoors in the summer with his wife and four kids, either at the beach or around the pool.
  • Nate’s a runner and once did a marathon in 3:18.
  • He volunteered to clear trails one summer. He had to fly into base camp with survival gear for the 10-day excursion.
  • Nate likes food – any food. Put anything in front of him, and he’ll probably eat it.
  • He’ll watch Top Chef over other TV shows, because he likes Padma Lakshmi.
  • If he won $1 million, he would breathe a sigh of relief since he needs to pay college tuitions soon.

Nate has a cheery disposition and a solid work ethic. If you need help with your personal or business insurance, give him a call. If you already work with Nate, lucky you! Rest assured he will continue to provide you with the thorough, dedicated service you already know him for.

We’re happy to include Nate in the Loiselle team. He’s professional and easy to work with. We hope he sticks around for many years. He’s an amazing asset.

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