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Loiselle Insurance Agency’s star of the month is Rosalynn Davila. She has the honor of displaying the Star of the Month on her desk throughout the month of September. She also received a $50 Visa gift card

Rosalynn is our commercial insurance account manager, so you may not know her if you have you only have your home insurance or auto insurance through us. However, she’s your go-to person if you decide to start a business or want to bundle all your insurance products through our company. Plus, she’s a sweet person and an exceptionally hard worker.

Here are a few fun facts about Rosalyn so you can get to know her a little better.

  • Rosalyn doesn’t have any pets, but she would like to get a small puppy someday. In the meantime, she fills her time with days trips throughout the New England area.
  • She has a bit of a sweet tooth and her favorite foods are desserts such as tiramisu and Crème Brulé.
  • Rosalyn would like to meet one of her favorite singers, Josh Groban. She thinks he is down-to-earth and would love to have a one-on-one-conversation with him.
  • She is levelled-headed and generous. When asked what she would do if she won $1 million dollars, she told us that she would donate some, help her family, save some for herself, and invest the rest.
  • Her hidden talent is her mean lasagna making skill.
  • Rosalyn really enjoys life. She enjoys travel, good food, plays and musicals, and listening to good music.

Rosalyn’s extensive business insurance experience simplifies the process of finding the best possible coverage for busy business owners. She can provide you with expert advice on our many commercial products including business owner policies.

These policies can be tailored to your needs and may include liability and property coverage, commercial auto insurance, workers compensation, and more.

If you’re a local professional, she can help you with professional liability coverage. She also works with many small businesses for niche businesses such as automotive garages, medical offices, beauty salons, landscapers, and retail stores.

Rosalyn has managed our commercial accounts for over 15-years. She’s very good at what she does and has helped many local business owners find excellent insurance coverage quickly and easily and at the best possible price. We hope she stays with Loiselle for many more years.

Congratulations, Rosalyn! You deserve this recognition.

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