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notebooks filled with back to school tips

Now that school is back in session, you’ll want to make things as seamless as possible. Here are some tips for you and your kids to ensure things run smoothly and your children have the best possible chance to learn.

Adjust Sleep Schedule

Summertime means long days and plenty of fun. Your children have probably strayed from their normal sleep schedule, but if you haven’t already, now’s the time to steer them back to a routine.

Children need plenty of sleep to succeed in their studies and to stay healthy. According to WebMD, school-aged children need anywhere from 8 – 12 hours of sleep per night. This means kids need to be in bed earlier.

Provide Healthy Meals

Food feeds the body and fuels the brain. Many studies show that nutrition directly affects your child’s mental capacity, reduces absences and behavioral problems, and improves academic performance.

Making lunches and snacks beforehand can ensure that your child receives the nutrition they need to keep them going until dinnertime. If you find buying nutritious food a budgetary challenge, many schools participate in the National School Lunch Program. It offers nutritionally balanced, low-cost or free lunches to children on school days.

Meet the Teacher

Getting to know your child’s teacher and visiting the school they attend is an excellent way to set the tone for the school year. Open communication with educators lets them know you want to actively participate in your child’s education.

When you assist your child with their homework, reading, and activities, the learning process runs much more smoothly and allows you to better coordinate with the teacher. If you cannot meet the teacher in-person, try a quick phone call or email to let them know you’re always interested in your child’s progress and barriers.

Avoid Chaos

The first few months of school can be quite chaotic if you don’t plan. Set up a study area that’s free from distractions and a place where your child can store all their school items. A dry erase calendar is can be helpful so that you can jot down any holidays, special events, or sports activities.

Make the area their go-to spot for backpacks, books, and school supplies, and do your best to keep if free of any clutter.

Help Them Succeed

Reading is an important skill that all children need to master. Many children slide through the system without knowing how to read well. Try to spend at least twenty minutes a day with your child to increase literacy.

If your child needs to use new tools for their studies, ensure they know how to use them properly. Geometry requires a protractor, almost all schools use computers, and older children must interpret class schedules. While children do not usually need to master these skills immediately, a quick introduction can alleviate anxiety so they feel less intimidated.

Talk to your kids and find out what concerns them, especially if they’re reluctant to go to school. A bully from last year may frighten them or they may think they can’t master a particular subject. The more you know, the more you can assist them. If your child’s returning to the same school as last year, remind them that the new school year is a chance to reconnect with their friends.

Update Medical & Contact Info

If your child has allergies, advise the school. Schools often have bake sales and social events and children may swap lunches and snacks.

Ensure the school has current contact information such as emergency telephone numbers, street address, and email addresses.

By planning ahead and alleviating fears, your child has a better chance to love learning and flourish. These simple tips can help you and your child start the new year on the right foot.


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