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a woman doing Yoga to stay physically and mentally healthy during the coronavirus pandemicSocial distancing makes it difficult to do many of things we usually do to stay physically and mentally healthy. For instance, before COVID-19 you might have visited the gym, farmer’s market, and your friends regularly. Now you’re stuck at home and you only go out for essentials.

Luckily, you can stay healthy despite the limitations we all face today. Here are a few ways you can survive and thrive in these trying times.

Stock Up But Don’t Hoard

Many people panicked when they read unfounded reports of supply chain disruptions. The resulting toilet paper hoarding created shortages and heightened anxiety. Today, stores have toilet paper again and all the madness was for nothing.

Perhaps now people can focus on an even more important item: food. Don’t run to the stores and clear out all the canned, frozen and dry goods. Instead, review what you have in your cupboards and then create a list of what you need to fill in the gaps. You want to build a robust, well-rounded stock. Buy and freeze fresh fruits and vegetables instead of only buying processed foods.

Stay Active

Even though you can’t go to the gym or play sports with your friends, you can walk, jog, or bike providing you leave at least 6 feet of space between you and others.

Alternatively, check out the thousands of YouTube fitness videos. They offer workouts for all ages and all fitness levels, with or without equipment, and through a variety of instructors. Strength training, HIIT, yoga, Zumba, and Tai Chi are just a few of your options.

Alleviate Stress

This is a stressful time – period. We all feel it in varying degrees and it is very important that we address it. Otherwise, it will impact our mental and physical health.

Mediation and mindfulness training are great methods to help you de-stress. Once again, you’ll find countless videos online, they’re easy to do, and they don’t need to take much time. Some people find this too passive and choose an intense workout instead.

No matter what, set aside time each day to abstain from TV, social media, and electronics. Alleviating stress encourages sleep, which is important to rebuild the body and mind.

Keep It Clean

To keep a very contagious virus at bay we must all pay special attention to cleanliness. Wash your hands frequently with soap and water, clean and sanitize the surfaces in your home, and wear a cloth mask when you must leave the house. Only go out when absolutely necessary to help deter the spread of the virus.

Don’t Panic

Anyone who thinks they may have the virus should use the CDC’s self-checker, unless you have a medical emergency. The checker walks you through a series of questions to help determine whether you or your loved one is at risk and recommends next steps if there’s a possibility of infection.

Not everyone who has a cough or fever has COVID-19, but don’t ignore symptoms. Use the resources mentioned above and maintain social distancing to reduce the possibility of contracting the virus.

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