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Winter in New England is rough on our cars, so we understand garaging and storing your seasonal vehicles over the winter. As a result, one common question we frequently are asked is, “If I am storing my car for the winter, can I suspend the Insurance?” Watch as insurance experts, Rosalynn Dávila & Melanie Loiselle-Mongeon explain.

“If I am storing my car for the winter, can I suspend the Insurance?”
If you have a personal auto policy or even a commercial policy, you may be able to suspend the insurance. It depends on the coverage that you have on your seasonal car. However, many companies will allow you to suspend the liability and also remove the collision coverage. It is recommended that you keep comprehensive, or “other than collision”, coverage on your stored vehicle. This would protect your car if it were to be stolen or damaged by fire. This allows some limited protection over the winter if something were to happen while your vehicle was being stored.

ri car insurance

Is there anything else I should know?
If you do suspend the insurance, your vehicle is not insured for any liability coverage. So we don’t recommend suspending the coverage unless you are absolutely certain you will not be driving the vehicle. If something were to happen while you were driving your seasonal car, the insurance would not apply. Also, it is your responsibility to give us a call in the spring to reinstate the insurance when you are ready to take your car out of storage.

RI car Insurance

Rhode Island Registry
The Rhode Island Registry is now keeping track of registered vehicles to ensure that they all have active ri car insurance. If you do choose to suspend liability coverage on your seasonal vehicle, you will still be in compliance with the law as long as you are not driving the vehicle. If you do receive a letter from the DMV requesting proof of coverage, just give us a call.

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