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“Do I really need other structures coverage…I don’t have any other structures. Can I delete this coverage?”

This is a question we are often asked when we are reviewing homeowner’s insurance policies with clients. First, let’s review what “other structures” means. 10x13_oval_gazeboOther structures refers to any structure(s) on your premises that is separated from your home (also referred to as “dwelling”) by a clear space, or connected to the property by a fence, utility line, or related connection. Common examples of other structures include detached garages, mini-barns, tool sheds, swimming pools, or gazebos.

Other structures coverage is automatically included in your homeowner’s insurance policy, whether you have other structures on Belize-Steel-Above-Ground-Swimming-Pools-623your property or not. You cannot delete this coverage. However, you can increase your coverage amount if you don’t think the coverage included on your policy is enough (i.e. you have several other structures on your property or you have one really large other structure).

When reviewing your homeowner’s policy, other structures coverage is also known as Coverage B. On a standard homeowner’s insurance policy, coverage B is typically 10% of your dwelling coverage limit. For example, if your home is insured for $400,000, you automatically have $40,000 of other structures coverage.

other structures garageIf you are unsure about certain coverages listed on your policies, give us a call at (401) 723-8510. We would be more than happy to explain them and answer any questions you may have. In the meantime, you can find some helpful information on our website.

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