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Jon’s Locks Inc of Warwick RI is locally owned and operated by Jonathan Issa. Jonathan of Jons Locks Inc. was born and raised in RI and has over 10 years experience in the locksmith and facilities management industry. In addition, he’s an Iraqi Freedom war veteran. Jon’s Locks is Angie’s List Approved and is registered with… Read more »

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Have you heard about the latest trend in traveling? People are renting out their apartments and houses to travelers in exchange for some extra income.  Travelers across the world are choosing to stay in people’s personal homes and apartments rather than staying in a hotel.  The concept is called “Home-Sharing”. How does it work? Well,… Read more »

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Managing a property over time requires more than answering whenever there is an emergency or a broken appliance in the home. Preparing your rental property for the spring has a number of benefits that can ultimately help to save time and money, especially if you are managing multiple homes simultaneously. Inspect Your Property’s Roof Inspecting… Read more »

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A fire last week in Warwick destroyed 38 condo units displacing over 100 people. As the reporter went on about where the fire started and how it spread, the “insurance geek” in me could not help but wonder and hope that the 100 people displaced had either condo insurance or renters insurance. I understand that… Read more »

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“I’m a landlord. Does my insurance policy cover my tenants’ contents in the event of a fire?” This is a common misconception, by tenants and landlords alike, and a question that we are asked very often. Many people mistakenly think that the landlord’s insurance policy will provide coverage for the tenants. In reality, this is… Read more »

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You want your rental property and your tenants to be ready for the winter. There are things that you should do in the fall before winter starts. These actions can help to protect your building and the people living inside. You will want to do a few things to prepare your rental property for winter…. Read more »

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“Why do my tenants need to buy tenant’s coverage?” We hear this question often from our landlord clients. The answer is twofold. Tenants should care about purchasing tenant’s coverage (a.k.a renter’s insurance) because a landlord’s insurance policy does not cover the tenant’s belongings or a tenant’s personal liability. Landlords should care about their tenants having… Read more »

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We all love our four-legged friends. After all, they are “man’s best friend”, right? It is often said that dogs are the most loving and loyal animals. However, docile dogs may bite when you have invaded their territory, touched a favorite toy, or when they are defending their puppies, owner or bowl of food. What… Read more »

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When you buy a home, townhouse or condo, you will want to know that your home insurance will have you covered for everything that could go wrong. You want to have a policy that is easy to understand with a company that is easy to do business with. Of course, reading through your policy application… Read more »