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Safe Driver Discounts Can Save You Money on Your Car Insurance Premiums All these years you’ve been a safe driver. You honor the speed limit and traffic signals, wear a seatbelt, and avoid accidents and cell phone distractions. You’re the ideal auto insurance customer. But does that mean you automatically get a safe driver discount?… Read more »

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It seems like kids are hard-wired to get hungry and more demanding as soon as the car starts. While driving across town or across the country, if you’re not hearing cries of “I’m hungry,” more than likely it’s “I’m bored.” But in that second it takes to reach to the passenger seat for the pacifier-du… Read more »

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Now that the fall weather is upon us, we are finding ourselves closing the windows to ward off the cooler air once the sun goes down. And what feels cozier on a cool autumn night than a fluffy blanket and some lit scented candles? With all the fall scents like cinnamon, pumpkin and falling leaves,… Read more »

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If you own a business in Rhode Island and you have employees on the payroll, you are required by law to carry workers compensation coverage.  But when you obtain that coverage, do you really know what it covers and what it doesn’t?  Even more importantly, do you know WHO it covers in your business? If… Read more »

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How many times have you said to yourself you should learn from your mistakes? Learning from previous car insurance claims is no different. Insurance claims come in all varieties: from damages you don’t really have any control over to those you cause and/or could have prevented. For example, you can’t control a rock flying up… Read more »

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Most of us recognize unsafe driving. Texting while driving is not safe. Eating while driving is not safe. Reading, applying makeup, shaving are not safe behind the wheel. Turning around and talking to the kids in the back seat is definitely not safe. Drinking while driving is not only unsafe, it’s against the law. Committing… Read more »

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Driving safe is something that insurance companies love their customers to do. It saves the insurance providers a significant amount of money if their insured clients do not ever have accidents. Thus, they tend to favor safe drivers with lower policy premiums and incentives like a disappearing deductible for each year they do not file… Read more »

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Are you aware of the current Rhode Island laws regarding the ownership and use of fireworks?  Within the last few years, the state has made it OK for you to purchase some fireworks such as sparklers and other non-aerial/loud ones.  Anything that shoots up into the sky or makes any type of bang is still… Read more »