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Each summer, swimming accidents occur. Yes, swimming on a hot day in the summer is refreshing, but without the proper safety precautions, homeowners may be held liable for an accident by the pool. Little ones are particularly at great risk, especially with drowning being the second leading cause of death among children. With summer right… Read more »

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Cell phones are everywhere and have become not just an accessory but an outlet of pure fun and technological fascination! In the past three years, the connection people have to their phones has grown significantly by 77 percent since October-December 2006. Your phone follows you into the bathroom, it is the first thing to greet you in the… Read more »

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Save money on your auto insurance with a claim-free discount. Over the years you’ve been a claim-free driver. You obey the posted speed limit; heed traffic signals and stop signs, and haven’t been involved in an accident of any kind for more years than you can remember. You know you should be an ideal customer… Read more »

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Depending on the type of business you own, the rules of employee conduct may differ.  In a lot of office environments it is standard to have a dress code- whether it is formal or casual- and employees are expected to act professional at all times.  In other work environments like retail shops, outdoor landscaping companies… Read more »

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Regardless of the fact that Mother Earth has refused to get with the program and stop the snow (…)—in the spring, might I add—now is a good time to start considering flood insurance. Preparation for when those unforgiving rains, mudflows, oceanic waters, or melting snow (…) attack your home is crucial. Though many most likely… Read more »

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Now that spring is getting closer by the second, sports registrations are opening up all over the state.  Kids are getting their cleats, soccer balls and baseball bats ready for a new season of fun with their teammates.  While they are excited to play, it’s important to reaffirm the necessity to always follow the rules… Read more »

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You may notice that when you bring your child to a birthday party at any type of establishment that requires physical activity, you have to sign a waiver of liability before your child can go have fun with his friends.  You might just sign away without reading it because -well, what’s the difference, right?  If… Read more »

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Rhode Island may be small, but it still has plenty of beautiful roadways just waiting to be explored.  Have you ever thought about buying a motorcycle and just getting out there for some fun road trips?  Before you make your final decision, you should review all of Rhode Island’s motorcycle laws and restrictions.  You will… Read more »