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When you think of your car’s safety features, you may think of airbags, anti-lock brakes and rear-view cameras.  But there are some very basic parts of your car that are designed to help keep you safe on the road.  If you can keep them well maintained, you will improve your safety chances greatly.  Keep on… Read more »

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The holiday season is a wonderful time. Families from all across the country have an opportunity to bond over music, their favorite holiday films, and most importantly delicious food. Between sugar cookies and the turkey feast you are going to cook, you will be in your kitchen much more often than the rest of the… Read more »

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   Ahhh, Halloween. The fourth favorite time of the year for children—behind birthdays, Christmas, and Thanksgiving—and parents who take their children trick-or-treating only to remind them that candy will land them in the dentist office.  Of course this parental reminder is only a way for parents to expand their own candy ration! Overall, Halloween is… Read more »

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Having an employee out on workers comp sometimes makes you want to reevaluate the safety conditions at your workplace.  Have you been doing all you can to keep a safe environment for your employees?  How did that accident happen?  Was it just human nature or was it something that could have been avoided?  It might… Read more »

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Kids all across Rhode Island are starting up their fall sports seasons which means we parents will be spending a lot of time on the field as well.  Watching our children play sports can be exhilarating and wonderful as long as they don’t get hurt out there.  It’s hard to watch your child get hurt… Read more »