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    Fire safety…it tells children not to play with matches, keeps us safe from injury, and prevents our houses from turning into a neighborhood s’mores campground. In 2011 alone nationwide, there were approximately 1,389,500 fires the outcomes of which were 3,005 fatalities, 17,500 injuries, and roughly $11,659,000,000.00 in property damages. This was the equivalent of a… Read more »

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Being well prepared in advance for the possibility of hurricane occurrence in Rhode Island should help enable you to reduce your risk of damage and loss. It should also help to more adequately keep you and your family safe and reduce injury-risk. Tips for this include: •Get adequate hurricane and home insurance coverage to enable… Read more »

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According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), all states including RI have enacted laws that define the alcohol-related driving-impairment level as having a blood alcohol count (BAC) of 0.08% or higher. This is because research indicates that the risk of fatal crash rises substantially at this BAC level. Since these laws have been… Read more »

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Cellphones, especially with today’s technology and apps, are constantly causing temptation.  They are constantly in the hands of teenagers throughout the day.  Although cellphones and their infinite number of apps have made our lives more convenient, they also put us in danger at times.  The danger is texting while driving.  How can we prevent our… Read more »

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Rhode Island is filled with beautiful seaside, panoramic views and excellent road trip destinations. Use these RI road trip ideas for a great road trip around the state, and don’t forget to take details of your auto insurance with you in case you’re stopped along the way. Destinations Providence is the capital city and the… Read more »

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As a homeowner, one way to reduce the need for homeowners insurance claims is to take action to reduce your risk of property damage. A proven, effective way to reduce the risk of fire damage is through installing fire sprinklers in your home. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), 2006-2010 data indicates that… Read more »

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Auto theft & your RI auto insurance An auto theft or break-in can be a stressful experience. You may lose valuable personal belongings, or lose the car itself. While your RI auto insurance could provide you with some financial compensation in eligible situations, taking reasonable measures to reduce the risk of an auto-burglary might help… Read more »

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Being only 48 miles in length and 37 miles wide, Rhode Island is the smallest State in the country with some major challenges on the roadways. This makes it vitally important to have adequate RI auto insurance in place when using the local roads. With one of the highest per capita populations in America, Rhode… Read more »

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According to the Coalition against Insurance Fraud, airbag scams have been a concern for years. By stealing airbags or fraudulently reporting airbag deployment, offending auto body and repair shops may have been jeopardizing passenger safety and causing increases in auto insurance premiums. This is one of many things that can affect the cost of RI… Read more »