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Don’t base insurance decisions solely on whether insurance is mandated or not. Your “need” for camper insurance should be based on what you’ve invested and what you could potentially lose. Saving a few bucks now could lead to substantial financial loss and potentially affect your future, too. Vehicle Types The word “camper” is used to… Read more »

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Despite everything that is going on this year, we can still enjoy the beach if we take the proper precautions. Follow these guidelines, stay safe, and enjoy. Check Beach Before You Go Sometimes Rhode Island authorities close beaches to swimmers for various reasons such as issues with water quality. Check the Department of Health’s beach… Read more »

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According to the National Fire Protection Association, July is the peak month for grill fires which lead to substantial home damage, injuries, and sometimes deaths. On average, 11,000 house fires occur annually due to grilling mishaps. Luckily, you can enjoy grilling if you follow these simple safety precautions. General Safety Precautions Clean your grill before… Read more »

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Now that the weather’s warmer, it’s time to get outside. Luckily, many Rhode Island restaurants are now offering outdoor dining so you can take in the views, enjoy scrumptious food, and socialize safely. Many other restaurants besides these may offer al fresco dining, but call ahead. Things are changing so quickly. You will need a… Read more »

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Warmer weather means more boats on the water, but particularly this year as so many people are flocking to their boats for distraction during the pandemic. However, every year those that own boats, jet skis, and other watercraft hit the water without insurance, putting themselves at risk. Let’s look at the details of boat insurance… Read more »

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Loiselle Insurance Agency has been available to you throughout the pandemic, as our team has been working remotely from the start. As a result, we’re now very proficient at handling your insurance needs via text, email, or telephone. If you choose to interact with us from the safety of your home, you can certainly continue… Read more »

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With so much time on our hands, it’s not surprising parents may be looking for alternative forms of entertainment for their kids. This may include a trampoline, swing set or even a pool, if their kids nag them enough. While these may add fun to an otherwise ho-hum lockdown, there are many things you might… Read more »

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Social distancing is the practice of keeping a safe distance away from others (minimum 6 feet). To do this, we all need to avoid public gatherings and public transportation. It also means only going out when it is absolutely necessary. While this is a necessity to keep COVID-19 in check, it does present challenges. Typical… Read more »

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No one wants to dwell on the worst things that can happen. It’s better to expect the best, but plan for the worst. Here are just a few of the ways insurance can protect you from events you might not expect. Remember, every policy differs so it is  important to understand your coverage and policy… Read more »