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Do you use a lot of electrical appliances at home? If so, then you need to know how to safely use them in order to avoid a fire. If you leave a hot appliance alone, it may spark and create a huge disaster inside your home. You don’t want to lose all of your valuables or the memories your family has created. Therefore, you need protection you can trust to save the day.

According to The Republican, an electrical device left on top of a bed resulted in a blaze that displaced three adults and a child from their East Springfield home. The fire broke out shortly before 12:45 p.m. and luckily, the occupants escaped with no injury. Yet, the damages are estimated to be around $7,500.

The owner of the property told investigators that he had been cooking in the kitchen when he heard popping sounds. He went down to his breaker panel in the basement to investigate. But when he returned upstairs, he saw that a bed was in flames, and attempted to put it out with a garden hose. However, this failed attempt caused a delay in calling the authorities, resulting in more damages than necessary.

At Loiselle Insurance Agency, we hope a situation like this doesn’t happen to you. However, if a similar event occurs, you should contact the proper authorities and not try to handle the dangerous flames yourself. In addition, no matter where you live in New England, it is important to have our home insurance RI trusts in order to save yourself form financial devastation!

Our agency is here to offer you quality service and superior protection for all aspects of your property. Whether you need protection for the structure of your home, your personal possessions, or general liability, we have these options and more for you. We recognize that every home and every homeowner are different, which is why every policy for home insurance in RI should reflect that!