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Let me tell you the funny thing about mothers.


1.      They are a lot stronger than they look; both emotionally and physically. They go through so much hassle and at the end of the day all they have to give you is a big hug and a smile so huge that makes you feel like you are the very essence that completes their being… and for many mothers, YOU ARE!

2.      For some [utterly bizarre] reason, every gift is more precious than the last. We’re not talking about the store bought gifts, we’re talking about those crazy paintings you drew in preschool that would have dumbfounded Picasso and the little flowers you used to give her when she would pick you up from school—you know, those flowers that were so small the only way she could put them in water was if it was placed in a saucer?

3.      You could be sixty-three years of age and they’d still call you their baby.

4.      They are always right. It’s like it comes with the territory! No matter what happens, their warnings and little suggestions should always be heeded. If she says: “Why not wear these shoes today?” do not reply with “But I want to wear my favorite shoes!” She knows exactly what she’s saying! Your ‘favorite shoes’ will be trashed by the end of the day.


5.      She was the first person who taught you that money doesn’t grow on trees… We don’t know what you think, but we think she must have tested this out at one point in her life. Chances are all she received back after a month was a dollar half eaten by insects.

6.      She will always give you options for everything! Unfortunately sometimes the only options are:  “Take it, or leave it!”

7.      She always wished the best for you. Especially when she says “I hope your kids are just like you…” There is no problem with this, we were all glorious children (*cough, cough*).

8.      She could swear up and down that your generation is the worst generation. She always feels boredom is a moot excuse. When she was your age, there was a comic store within four miles of her house…what, four miles isn’t far.

9.      She wouldn’t yell. Ever. And when she did yell, you knew it was bad!

10.  For some insane reason, she still loves you!


From Loiselle Insurance Agency to all mothers, Happy Mother’s Day. You are so underappreciated and if the whole year could be dedicated to you, it would be. Thank you!