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With St Patrick’s Day coming, you may be getting ready to celebrate with a few pints and some corned beef and cabbage.  Remember to stay safe out there and do not drink and drive.  Your life as well as everyone else’s is worth staying off the roads when you have had too much to drink.  Don’t take any chances or press your luck.  Speaking of luck, here are some fun facts about luck:

•    The 16th most popular name for dogs in the United States as of 2011?  “Lucky”.
•    How rare are four leaf clovers?  Only 1 in every 10,000 clovers is a four leaf clover.
•    People often associate the number 13 with being unlucky.  Some people are even afraid of the number 13 for this reason.  Triskaidekaphobia is the technical term for the fear of the number 13.
•    New Year’s Eve boasts a lot of traditions around the world that are supposed to bring good luck.  In Spain, it is customary to eat 12 grapes on New Year’s Eve for good luck.
•    If you are a bride getting married in England and you find a spider on your wedding dress the day of your wedding, don’t squish it!  It is supposed to be good luck.
•    Germans believe that touching a chimney sweep’s brush is good luck.
•    In China, pigs are a sign of good luck and prosperity.
•    There are several different cultures that think getting pooped on by a bird is good luck, but that one is certainly up for interpretation.

Now that you have some fun trivia about what is considered lucky all around the world in your memory banks, you can use it to stump your friends on St. Patrick’s Day!  Just remember to stay safe and have a great time!