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BackyardpoolThere is nothing better than a cool dip in a pool during a hot, sticky summer day. If you are like me, you have always wished for a pool of your own, a small paradise in your backyard. If you live in Pawtucket, paradise just got a little easier…and less expensive!  Installing a pool should soon be cheaper thanks to City Councilman, Terry Mercer. He is trying to amend an ordinance that had previously charged Pawtucket residents $500 dollars for a zoning variance to install a pool. This charge was only for Pawtucket residents whose yard was less than 5,000 square feet. To view the whole article on how Pawtucket is changing their zoning variances click here.

9540-a-man-swimming-in-a-pool-pvAlthough it may now be less of a headache to install a pool, there are definitely a lot of other things to consider. An important factor when thinking about a pool is the overall cost. I am not just talking about buying the pool and paying for installation. Many people purchase a pool without realizing how expensive it can be. Maintaining a pool can be costly when you start adding up maintenance and the increased monthly costs in your water bill, electricity use, and insurance.  Yes, insurance! Your pool could have an effect on your homeowner’s  insurance policy. Notifying your insurance company of your plans to install a pool is really important.  Your insurance agent can discuss the liability implications with you and can check to make sure you have the right amount of coverage to be properly protected. For more information on how a pool could affect your homeowners insurance, check out a few of our previous blogs on the subject:

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Although pool ownership is enticing and has many benefits, there are a lot of things to consider when planning  to install one. I still dream of having one!

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