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Rhode Island may be small, but it still has plenty of beautiful roadways just waiting to be explored.  Have you ever thought about buying a motorcycle and just getting out there for some fun road trips?  Before you make your final decision, you should review all of Rhode Island’s motorcycle laws and restrictions.  You will also need to complete a rider education course as well as get your motorcycle license.  Rhode Island does not accept motorcycle endorsements from other states.

The rules of the road are quite similar to those of driving a car or truck.  Safety is a top priority.  If you are under twenty-one years of age, you must wear a helmet.  If you are carrying a passenger, he or she must wear a helmet regardless of age.  If you are riding with your friends you may ride two abreast in a lane, but you may not split the lanes to pass other vehicles.

Your motorcycle must also comply with Rhode Island state regulations.  Periodic safety inspections will be done to make sure your bike complies.  Handlebars may not be taller than 15 inches above the seat.  You must have at least one rear view mirror.  You must also have a muffler without any cut-outs.  There are noise restrictions that state you motorcycle can not be louder than 86dBA (audible decibels) at 35 miles per hour or 90dBA above 35 miles per hour. You are required to also wear eye protection.  Also, your helmet may not have speakers or earphones in it.  You do not need to have turn signals on your motorcycle.

Of course, you will need insurance as well.  Do not hesitate to contact us once you have decided on a motorcycle and we will help find the best coverage for you and your new bike.