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If you were working, relaxing at home, or driving in Rhode Island yesterday afternoon, chances are you probably jumped when you heard the loud booms of thunder and looked out your window to see mother nature’s version of a light show.  Powerful thunderstorms rolled through Rhode Island yesterday afternoon producing strong winds, flooding rains, and damaging hail. 

No sooner did the hail start to fall and we received a phone call from a client crying that her new car was a mess, damaged by hail.  Did this happen to you?  Did you look outside and see that the hood or roof of your car suddenly looked like a tufted cushion?  The callers next question was, “Is it covered by my policy?”  Luckily for her, the answer was YES!

Many people expect their car may be stolen or vandalized or damaged in a car accident, but when you’re buying your auto insurance policy, you probably didn’t ask your agent for hail coverage.  The good news is that you may have purchased coverage for hail without even realizing it.  If your policy lists comprehensive coverage on your vehicle, then you’re in luck if you too experienced what our client reported.  Comprehensive coverage, sometimes called “Other Than Collision Coverage”, covers the damage to your vehicle that’s caused by something other than collision.  Therefore it includes damage caused, flooding, vandalism, theft, falling objects, AND HAIL!  Comprehensive coverage usually has a deductible amount that ranges from $250 to $1000, depending on the option you purchased. 

Next time mother nature decides to drop golf balls or hail on your car, rest assured, you can be protected if you have the right car insurance policy.  To inquire about your policy or to purchase coverage, call Loiselle Insurance Agency today.