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In the not-so-distant past, households with two working parents were uncommon. Back then, it was standard practice to have one breadwinner and one homemaker/stay-at-home parent. However, those days have given way to more modern scenarios, where both parents put in 40 hours at work and share in the homemaking and child-rearing responsibilities. Needless to say, households with two working parents can get a little chaotic. However, by learning to manage time more effectively, working parents can be successful at both work and home.

Check out this tips on time management techniques for working parents.

1. Assess Your Situation
Before making any changes to your daily routine, it’s essential to recognize areas that need improvement. This can be done by keeping a daily journal which details daily activities and the time it takes to complete them. From here, busy parents can pinpoint problems and decide where and how to make adjustments.

2. Organize
Organization is essential to effective time management. In households with children and two working parents, organization is even more important, yet more difficult to maintain. However, it’s not impossible. With must-haves like filing systems, storage bins, closet organizers and more, keeping everything in its place is more easily attainable.

3. Prioritize
When it comes to parenting, the importance of prioritization cannot be denied. Instead of spending inordinate amounts of time on unimportant tasks, and feeling the resulting stress, working parents can save time by prioritizing chores and not sweating the rest.

4. Make a Schedule
While sticking to a strict schedule while working and co-parenting may seem like an impossible feat, loosely planning chores and activities can be an enormous help. By setting aside specific days and times for certain tasks, working parents won’t feel pressured to get everything done at once. A good example of this would be to schedule one day a week for laundry, one for grocery shopping, one for organization, etc.

5. Go With the Flow
Prioritizing, scheduling and organizing are all great ways to stay motivated and on track; however, working parents sometimes have to pick their battles and go with the flow. Understanding that there isn’t always time to complete certain tasks can take significantly reduce stress for busy parents.

Our agency hopes you have enjoyed these tips and techniques!