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Having school buses suddenly reappear on the roads when school begins can be disorienting for drivers. You need to be very cautious around the buses at all times. Some drivers forget how to act. Here are 3 great safety tips to keep in mind with school buses back on the road.

  1. 1. Never Pass a Loading or Unloading School Bus

One of the most important ways to stay safe is never to pass a school bus you are behind while it is loading or unloading kids. This is not permitted anywhere under the law. You want to come to a stop, watch what is happening and just wait patiently. The school bus might have flashing red lights and a flip-out stop sign that will deactivate when the loading or unloading is finished. This is imperative because you could have kids running towards the bus, away from the bus or around the bus in unpredictable patterns. Just stop and sit still in your bus

2. Stop Even If You Are On the Other Side of the Road

If you are driving down an undivided street and see a school bus stopped on the other side, then you need to stop as well. This is true whether you are going the same direction or the opposite direction as the school bus. You need to wait until it has finished picking up or dropping off the children before continuing down the road. You need to do this even if you think there is plenty of space to drive around the bus.

3. Stay Back When Driving and Stopped

Children who are getting on or off a school bus are at the highest risk of being injured when within just 10 feet of the vehicle. This is why you need to stay back both when driving and when stopped. It is safest to have a 20-foot gap between the school bus and your car. Try to maintain this distance on all sides whether moving or not. This gives the kids a large area to move and run in without being injured.

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Stephen Adams

Thanks for the safety tips. My oldest son is going on his first field trip. I wanted to check up on safety tips for him, because he hasn’t been on a bus yet. He can get really excited sometimes and not think about safety, so I like to remind him.


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