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Asthma and allergies can become debilitating if you do not manage them properly. They can prevent you from living a normal life or taking part in activities that you enjoy. A few tips will help you to manage your asthma and allergies.

Keep Your Home Clean

The first tip is to keep your home as clean as possible. Small bits of dust, allergens, and other particles will start to build up on surfaces and in carpets and upholstery. Those particles will be thrown back into the air every time someone walks across the carpet or touches the upholstery. This can trigger your allergies or asthma and make any chamomile-401490_640existing problems much worse. Do everything possible each day to keep your home clean.

Be Aware of Outdoor Air Quality

If you are planning to spend some time outside, then you need to be aware of the outdoor air quality. Local news stations usually report on the air quality during the warmer months of the year. If there are high pollen counts or the air is exceptionally poor quality, then avoid going outside since this will increase the likelihood of an allergy or asthma attack. Try to go out only when the humidity is low and the air quality is reported as moderate to good.

Know Your Triggers

It is important that you know what triggers your asthma or allergies. You can discover this through observations, trial and error or medical tests with an allergist in some allergy-18656_640cases. Knowing your triggers will allow you to actively avoid things such as pet dander or secondhand smoke. You can also use this information to keep your home free from triggers like pests, mold and harsh cleaning chemicals.

Carry and Use Medications When Necessary

A final tip is to carry and use the appropriate medications when necessary. This is critical when it comes to asthma. You want to have an inhaler handy at all times. Similarly, bring allergy medications when you travel outside the home. Take the medications as necessary to manage your asthma and allergies.

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