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It is important to take the time to think about your house before leaving on vacation. You want to do more than just lock the front door and close the windows. You need to be aggressive about defending the property. Securing and protecting your home while on vacation can be done in a few steps.

Put Your Lights on a Timer

The first step is to put your lights on a timer. You want to fireworks-299523_640have the lights turn on at night and then turn off the next morning. Use multiple timers so that it looks like several people are in all different parts of the house. A timer is going to drive away most criminals because the home appears occupied. Criminals will simply go somewhere else, looking for a more vulnerable house.

Replace Any Loose or Damaged Locks

Go through your entire house looking for locks on windows and doors that appear loose or damaged. If anything is wrong with a lock, then replace it right away or make repairs. This is important because ckey-565607_640riminals who figure out you are not home will explore every potential way into the house. If there is just one loose or broken lock, then a burglar is likely to find and exploit it to get into your home.

Watch Your Social Media Posts

Watch what you post on social media before your vacation. Do not talk about the vacation. Burglars could be carefully waiting online for anyone in your area to announce a trip. You should not mention the vacation online. Ask your friends to refrain from mentioning it online as well. This will help to protect your home.

Do Not Leave Your Car in Plain Sight

A final step is never to leave your car in plain sight when going on vacation. A car that sits idly in a driveway or in front of a house for a long time is a sign that no one is home. You want to put your car into the garage, park it at the airport, or take it to the house of a friend to keep it out of sight.

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