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With spring finally here, so comes the seasons of heightened Lyme disease awareness. Lyme disease is not a just a problem for human beings. It can also do serious harm to dogs. You need to be proactive when it comes to protecting your dog against Lyme disease transmitted by ticks outdoors. You should know about some tips to prevent Lyme disease in your dog.

Use Preventative Flea and Tick Productsprotect

The first and most important tip is to use preventative flea and tick products on your dog. These sometimes take the form of sprays, liquids, or even collars. These products will make your dog unattractive to ticks. They can also poison the ticks that do get on your dog, causing them to die quickly. This is important since a good preventative product can potentially kill all ticks before they have a chance to pass on Lyme disease to your dog.

Do Not Let Your Dog into Areas Where Ticks Are Common

Blausen_0291_DeerTicks[1]The second tip is to actively keep your dog from going into areas where ticks are common. This can be difficult if you are used to letting your dog run free through fields or a large yard. Ticks are most likely to be in areas where there is tall grass, bushes, or overgrown plants. They are also more likely to appear in wild areas as opposed to groomed areas bordered only by streets and city blocks. Use a leash when walking your dog outside and stick to paved or dirt paths surrounded by low grass or just soil.

Check Your Dog for Ticks Regularly

A final tip is to check your dog for ticks regularly. You should be doing this every time your dog comes in from going outside into the grass for any length of time. If you do find a tick, then you can remove it quickly. This is an effective way to prevent Lyme disease because it takes around 48 hours for a tick to infect your dog. Get into the habit of looking for ticks on your dog as frequently as possible.

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