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BtpH3e8IcAI_TobWhen you hear tornadoes you think of the Midwest. Who would have thought one would hit New England?

A rare tornado roared through Revere Massachusetts yesterday just after 9:30am, causing unimaginable damages to this seaside city, where recovery efforts could last weeks. Categorized as an EF 2 tornado, winds reached 120 miles per hour, causing trees to uproot and roofs to vanish from houses. The powerful storm damaged more than 100 homes, causing destruction nearly 2 miles long and nearly a half-mile wide. The good news is no serious injuries were reported. This was the first tornado to hit Suffolk County in nearly 60 years!

The residents of Revere didn’t waste anytime cleaning up the damage. Within an hour of the NCAuto3-jpgtornado, the community was out collecting branches and clearing debris, while utility crews began clearing roads and repairing power lines.

Late Monday night, Revere Fire Chief Gene Doherty said 65 homes had “substantial damages” and 13 homes and businesses were uninhabitable. Jake Navarro, a spokesman for National Grid, said that 500 homes were without power as of 9:30pm, compared to 3,000 homes affected earlier in the morning.

Officials say it is too soon to put a dollar figure on the damage, but insurers were going door to door to help residents tally their losses.tornado2

Mother Nature has a way with carrying herself in mysterious ways. Do you think the residents of Revere MA expected a tornado to touch down in their backyard? They probably didn’t. However, with insurance they had peace of mind knowing that if Mother Nature threw some crazy weather their way, they wouldn’t have to bear the financial loss alone. Insurance is more than just dealing with losses as they occur. Insurance is about dealing with risk – the chance that a loss may occur. Not everybody suffers a loss, but everybody runs the risk of suffering a loss. That’s why every insured benefits from insurance.


We are here to answer all your insurance questions! It’s important to make sure you have the proper coverage should Mother Nature run its course through your neighborhood. Visit our website or call us at (401) 723-8510 to go over your current policy.

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